About Us

Since our inception, we have stuck to one principle: the only way to do business is to offer unparalleled customer services. We pride ourselves on providing cost effective excellent legal services. 


Most of us have the ability to hear, but very few of us actually listen. At Rupal Law, we take listening to our clients seriously. What good is legal service if you the client don’t understand the lawyer’s approach?

When we meet with you, whether it’s the first meeting or we have been meeting with you for years, you will never walk away feeling that you were not heard. We value your hard work in creating a comfortable living, and we are committed to protecting it.

In our meetings, we do not explain things to you just so we can hear ourselves talk. We do not use legal “mumbo jumbo” to impress you. Our goal is to use this time in an efficient manner to solve your legal problems. We focus on presenting a plan of action and means to execute it to reach your goals in an optimal fashion.


Communication is an indispensable skill and need for good communication always exist. Having good communication skills is all about being able to convey information clearly, simply, and timely. At Rupal Law, we believe that you deserve open and effective communication.

The communication process starts immediately as we learn what you want and expect from us. We learn about your unique needs and your specific needs. By taking the time up front to communicate we build solid foundation to avoid miscommunication. We don’t stop there. The need for communication will continue through every phase of client-attorney relationship as we work together to meet your legal needs. Because you are busy and we value your time, we have learned to make our communication count. We make extra effort to be clear, concise, and timely so there is no need to go back and forth several times just to understand the issue at hand.


One of the most important decisions an attorney makes is the decision to represent a client because attorneys are generally free to reject a client’s offer of employment. However, once an attorney agrees to represent a client, the lawyer must provide competent representation. Competence requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation reasonable necessary for the representation.

We do not focus on acquiring bare knowledge of the law because that alone is not enough to represent you competently. We know that the fact that an attorney possesses skills of technical competency to know the law which applies to a client’s problem is of little value if that knowledge cannot be applied to bring about a tolerable, if not satisfactory, resolution for you. We strive to produce work products that reasonably and economically meet your needs, your expectations, and serve your needs.

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